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Name Severina Vuckovic
Height 5' 7
Naionality Croatia
Date of Birth 21 April 1972,
Place of Birth Split, Croatia
Famous for
In 2004 she became part of a sex scandal reported worldwide after a personal sex tape featuring her and wealthy married businessman Justin Janish, leaked onto the Internet. The very sexually graphic nature of the video, and the fact that she was doing all of this with a married man shocked the Croatian nation and permanently damaged her public image as she was then a symbol of religious modesty, promoting abstinence and morals in many of her public appearances. With this image in shreds and her hypocrisy exposed, Severina decided to sue the website that released the tape for damages, claiming that the video was stolen from her.[1] The case was dismissed by the District Court in Zagreb. By this stage the video was already widely available across the internet. However, while ruining her religious image, it actually boosted her career, especially internationally as the news story and sex video quickly went around the world and millions who had never heard of Severina now knew of her. This career boost is similar to what fellow celebrity sex tape stars (such as Paris Hilton) have experienced. Severina now embraces a more sexy image, particularly highlighted in her choices of revealing costumes and dances. The new image has so far been successful for her.

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