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Sarah Hendy, presenter of ‘Freshly Squeezed’ on Channel 4 and host of the E4 Music Zone, has tonnes of live TV experience thanks to three years working on and ‘Destination Three’, a late night magazine style show she co-hosted for BBC Three.

In the E4 studio Sarah interviews celebs and generally talks music, film and gossip. She is able to relate to the man on the street and the celeb on the sofa with equal enthusiasm and tenacity.

Sarah has a law degree from Swansea University and her interests include music, film and fashion. Her real passion is Bikram yoga, for which she is a qualified instructor.

SMR Media has represented Sarah Hendy on-line since March 2004. Her personal website was discontinued in the spring of 2007.

“Much like all other famous chameleons, is taking time out to reinvent itself. Let’s just remember the good times and thanks for logging on, your support is appreciated. Thanks to SMR Media for all their hard work on the site too. They have been fantastic. Especially appreciated.”

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