Sally Kellerman Bio - Biography

Name Sally Kellerman
Height 5' 10
Naionality American
Date of Birth 2 June 1937,
Place of Birth Long Beach, California, USA
Famous for
Kellerman made her debut film in Reform School (1957) before starring in several classic The Outer Limits episodes, The Outer Limits: The Human Factor and The Outer Limits: The Bellero Shield and also starring as Dr. Elizabeth Dehner in the second filmed pilot episode of Star Trek, entitled Where No Man Has Gone Before, opposite actors Gary Lockwood and William Shatner.

Kellerman would also co-star with Tony Curtis in The Boston Strangler (1968) in which she starred as the only surviving victim.

In 1969, she reportedly almost talked herself out of her most famous role. She had an argument with MASH director Robert Altman after reading the script. She was incensed about the way her proposed character, Major Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan, was to be humiliated. Altman said that her attitude and passion was exactly what he was looking for in that character.

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