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Name Robyn Chance
Height 5' 3''
Date of Birth
Place of Birth Los Angeles, CA
Famous for
This is Robyn Chance's Bio page. Robyn's parents named her at birth. Robyn Chance is tall. was born in . Robyn Chance became a and quickly became a household name.Robyn Chance is an innovative fluid-like dancer, choreographer and instructor... She mixes Salsa with Hiphop, Jazz, Ballet and most of all, BELLY DANCE. She is most known for her snake-like movements, and nick-named "Shakira". She started dancing with Liquid Silver Productions in early September of 2005. She has been a trained dancer for 9 years, professional for 5 years and entered the salsa scene in late spring of 2005. Her highest training is in Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Hiphop, Tap, Dance Hall, Rave, Pop-and-Lock, Belly and now Salsa. She taught the famous and controversial "Cardio Striptease"; founded the style "Urban Belly" (hiphop and belly); is planning an instructional video, and teaching student workshops on fluid hip/body movement (associated with the "Urban Belly" style) in Spring of 2006. She is learning new things everyday... especially in Latin dance. Robyn is also a well-known print model for FHM magazine, Hawaiian Tropic, and Texas Swimsuit Calendars. She is also featured in many music videos (Pharrell, Gwen Stefani, Faith Evans, Chris Brown, Johnny Prez, Luna and soon Baby Bash),a singer/songwriter, Bollywood actress (India), makeup artist, painter and a writer

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