Paydin Lopachin Bio - Biography

Name Paydin Lopachin
Date of Birth 18-January-1988
Place of Birth Abilene, Texas, U.S.
Famous for Acting
Paydin Lopachin is an American actress born in Abilene, Texas. Paydin also has a nickname of PayLo. Paydin's first film appearance was in The Stars Fell on Henrietta playing a farm girl. Her next appearances in film and television began in 2004 with an episode of the television series The O.C. In 2006 she was in All the King's Men, House at the End of the Drive and an episode of Heroes, followed in 2007 by an appearance in Cold Case. In 2008 Paydin had a small role in the Robert De Niro film What Just Happened and roles in the horror films Shark Swarm and Triloquist. It was for her starring role in critically panned Triloquist that film reviewers made note of her performance as the character Angelina. This was followed in 2009 by Spring Breakdown where she played the role of Young Senator Hartman.

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