Miho Nakayama Bio - Biography

Name Miho Nakayama
Height 5' 2¼
Naionality Japness
Date of Birth 1 March 1970,
Place of Birth Tokyo, Japan
Famous for
A former teen idol, Miho Nakayama has continued to find success as an adult actress and pop singer. Her numerous television appearances include dramatic roles in Maido Osagawaseshimasu, Mama Wa Idol, and Oishii Kankei, while her many Japanese pop singles include "C," "Kitto," "Hero," and "Sekai Ju No Dareyori Kitto," which sold more than 183 million copies. The recipient of the Best Japanese Lyricist award in 1994, Nakayama received the Blue Ribbon Best Actress award for her role in the film Love Letter the following year. Nakayama has increasingly shown her talents as a songwriter and producer, writing all of her songs and producing her own albums since the early '90s. ~ Craig Harris, All Music Guide

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