Megumi Oishi Bio - Biography

Name Megumi Oishi
Naionality Japness
Date of Birth
Place of Birth Tokyo, Japan
Famous for
She's Hyde's wife. Yeah. That's right. Hyde's heterosexual and married. Anyway, they got married on December 25, 2000. Their son was born on November 11, 2003. Megumi is a model and actress, and is currently restarting her career as a weather woman. She was once inspired by Hyde in becoming a singer, but that career didn't last very long for her. As far as any other useless information you'd possibly want to read about, she's about 4 years younger than Hyde and two inches taller, but still weighs much less than him. She actually shares a few common interests with him. They both love art and rollerblading. And Biohazard. Other than that, she also knows how to figure skate and do ballet, but during junior high school, she was an outcast "gloomy" kind of girl. She's also been in many accidents throughout her life. For example, she once fell down from a subway platform and started bleeding from her head. Also, she's gotten into some accidents from falling during figure skating. Ouch~

Megumi was Hyde's dream girl even before he met her. When asked in interviews what kind of girl he liked, Hyde answered saying he liked beautiful girls and especially looked for a pretty face. He specifically mentioned Megumi Oishi as the example of his perfect girl. He was pratically obsessed with her. (Whoa... imagine actually marrying the person you're totally obsessed with... that's like me marrying Hyde xD) In 1998, the other L'Arc members and the people of Utaban (a television program) arranged that Hyde and Megumi meet each other face-to-face on the show. Hyde, unaware of this, was surprised and when left alone on the show with Megumi, didn't do much other than stutter and blush. She gave him her photobook, with her signature, as a present. Anyway, during their awkward silence together, Tetsu (who was backstage at the moment) whispered "telephone number" ("denwa bango") to Hyde, who interpreted it as "tobacco" ("tabako"). Ha. Ha. Ha. Everyone found it hilarious. (Well, actually, it is pretty funny to see Hyde squirm and blush and act like a shy little boy xD) So that's basically how they met. Hyde's shyness around pretty girls really got in the way of them actually forming a relationship. Besides this, Megumi was going out with some baseball player at the time.

It was only at an after-party during the Light My Fire Tour (1998) that Hyde and Megumi met once again and fell in love. Supposedly, throughout the entire party, they stayed near each other and just hung out with one another, talking nonstop and becoming VERY CLOSE. WOOOOOT no sex on the first date, Hyde! No wait, their first date was Utaban technically I guess, so sex is allowed. Oh, what am I saying? Hyde is not that type of guy to practice karate so fast with a girl. It was in that year, also, that Megumi broke up with her baseball player fiance because he was cheating on her. In later years, Megumi and Hyde were reportedly seen together doing lots of cute stuff with each other. Such as Hyde buying Megumi's morning groceries (and lots of wine too), walking down the street holding hands, sharing clothes, etc. They even both got matching Nekojiru (one of Hyde's favorite anime movies) cell phone charms. Finally, on December 25, 2000, they got married. A few years later, on November 11 2003, they had their first child, publicly revealed by Megumi to be a son.

You may also notice that Megumi didn't change her name from Megumi Oishi to Megumi Takarai after marriage. It's common, especially in Japan, for celebrities to keep their family name after marriage. Also, Hyde probably didn't want anyone knowing his last name so he asked his wife to keep her own after marriage 8D Because you know Hyde, he's such a mystery man. AN ENIGMA. On a side note, if you add an extra i to Megumi's last name you get Oishii, which means delicious in Japanese 8D (of course, however, she writes her name in kanji, not hiragana)

Although it was never confirmed for sure, many people (including myself) believe Hyde wrote the song, Anemone, for Megumi. The theory makes sense, especially considering the suggestive lyrics, with lines such as "My wish is but one, to entrust my eternal vow to those hands." This ballad is on 13 Best Clicked Singles, released in 2000 (right around when Hyde and Megumi got married). It was performed on one of the days of Shibuya Seven Days 2003. Before singing the song, Hyde said "To my love... Anemone." You can see the song also performed during REAL Club Circuit Live; the performance is included in the second angle Anemone PV on the Chronicle 2 DVD only. The anemone, by the way, is a flower. Hyde himself said he often thinks of women as flowers, so he probably thinks of Megumi as an anemone. The song itself was recorded in Los Angeles, California. Interestingly enough, the images of a boat hopefully sailing in Anemone is similar to the images of a boat in Eien, Hyde's favorite song from Smile.

Also known as the Windflower, the anemone is a symbol of love, but can also be a symbol of abandonment. The Greek myth behind its name comes from Adonis, a beautiful man whom both Aphrodite (the goddess of love) and Persephone (the goddess of the underworld) fell in love with. Alright, since I KNOW how boring some people consider Greek mythology (and trust me, I had to go through a semester of English class on Edith Hamilton's Mythology x_x), let's spice things up a bit. So here's Adonis, such a beautiful handsome super HOTT hunk-o-meter machine (just imagine Hyde in an ancient Greek outfit). Aphro and Perse decided to split up his time into one third of the year by himself, and then one third with each of them. But Aphrodite (you know how she is, that damn love goddess) was all "DAAAAMN I want this piece of FINE ASS all for myself ALL YEAR ROUND falling in love *L'Arc song reference nyahahaha*" and somehow she managed to make sexy Adonis boy stay with her the whole year. Persephone found out about this and was all "OH NO SHE DIDN'T!" and she complained to Aries, who was Aphrodite's husband OR SOMETHING. You know in those days, people had five husbands, so it probably doesn't matter. Or was that wives? Whatever. So Aries was all "I KNOW! I'll transform into a boar!" and he did (that's always the solution to love problems). Then he rammed into Adonis or something (maybe the poor guy was too busy being sexy to notice that a wild boar was trying to kill him???) and killed him. Aphrodite was floating around somewhere, and when she found Adonis, she cried and held him in her arms. Then, where Adonis' blood had spilled onto the ground, suddenly, red anemone flowers sprouted. ISN'T THAT SO SWEET?! And it's so fitting for Hyde to pick the FLOWER THAT BLOOMED FROM BLOOD to be his wife's image song.

There are often rumors circulating forums and L'Arc~en~Ciel/Hyde communities claiming that Hyde and Megumi are getting divorced. However, in the middle of 2006, a Japanese entertainment newspaper published an article featuring a "scandalous" Megumi Oishi photoshoot (meaning, she was wearing dresses with bare shoulders! *gasp heart attack*) and news that she and Hyde were considering a divorce. Apparently, according to the article, Hyde "forced" Megumi to quit her job as an actress and become a housewife after getting married to him. Also, some money issues were involved. Now, before you freak out, let me explain the probable motives for this. It is true that after Megumi got married to Hyde, she quit working and became a housewife. Well, Hyde makes big bucks (oh yeah, not only is he a money-making machine... he's also a love-making machine!!!! LOLZZOZL) and Megumi became pregnant after a few years anyway. She had to devote all her time to taking care of the kid, or something. In 2006, years later, she wants to return to the entertainment scene but it seems everyone's forgotten who she is. Therefore, her management creates some lame scandal to get her face in the papers. And they also accentuate her sex appeal with 'revealing' dresses so that the photos get immediate eye attention. Some story gets written about what a poor victim of marriage Megumi is, people feel bad and want to watch her dramas. Something like that. You know how entertainment business just loves controversy. Also, Hyde's name appearing in the article especially gave it more attention. Hyde is ten times more famous than Megumi, and simply having his name in the article gets ten times more attention than just writing "Megumi Oishi." It's "Hyde's wife, Megumi Oishi," not just "Megumi Oishi." Sad, but this is the way it works. Months pass by since the article is published, and no divorce occurs. Really, people, no need to fret, it was really just a publicity stunt in the end. So...

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