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Name Marina Aleksandrova
Naionality Hungary
Date of Birth 29 August 1982,
Place of Birth Hungary
Famous for
Just finished reading a 2003 Polish film "solar Princes" (Stara basn. Kiedy sl once bylo bogiem), the contents of the films looks like an ancient Poland stresses the heroic deeds of the Grand Duchy, It appears to be in the year 300, 50-60 (Poland because it is the envelope of Jesus began 150 years ago about the history, specific time I am not sure that they really feel quite backward), then the Polish national operator of the provinces, 1 Emirates (it is equivalent to the Polish King) live in palaces are just like my Shang dynasty period of the so-called palaces (wooden house, thatched roofs) almost, backward civilization probably around 3000, with more than Egyptians do not know what happened to all the poor, Egypt brilliant civilization, the European nation or apes and monkeys ~ ~ ~. This is the beauty of his hero's sweetheart from Poland -- a tribal leader's daughter, The beauty lies in the clan or tribe rich, I KAO, what games ah, The "wealthy" tribe a total of less than 10 thatched houses, the whole defense of the wall is less than half the height of the wood Nazarbayev up, darkish-yard run by something that men and women are dirty, they use weapons, the most simple arrows, What rock, and know that time has gone back to the Warring States with a Nuji. 王族们吃的饭感觉都像现在农村里的猪食,貌似欧洲黑暗中世纪还没到呢,人民生活就这么苦了。Royal They eat rice feel like now the esophagus rural Lane, seemingly European darkness of the Middle Ages? No, People living on such a time. 。. 。. 。. 片儿里还有北欧维京人,还不如这些波兰人富裕,真是穷死了,估计当时全欧洲最发达的地方就是罗马了,除此之外全是蛮荒之地。Piece also has North William Beijing, which is not as affluent Poles, died in the really poor, By that time, most developed in Europe is in the area of Rome, in addition to all to the provinces.

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