Madison Scott Bio - Biography

Name Madison Scott
Height 5' 1"
Naionality American
Date of Birth July 13, 1988
Place of Birth Tempe, Arizona, USA
Famous for
Hey I'm Madison Scott. 21 years old. <3 I'm a dreamer. I'm young. I'm free-spirited... I try to live a very simple life, although everything always seems so complicated. I dabble in photography. Judgemental people drive me crazy. If you judge someone, you have no time to try and love them. I believe when the power of love, overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace. So make love, Not War. War doesn't determine who is right. It determines who is left. I know the dotted lines show us where we are supposed to go. You stay inside them, in fear that you might lose control. But sometimes, not being in control, is the most beautiful thing in the world. I am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions. I try not to take anything for granted. Because one day, it could be everything i wish i had back. I want to look back and know that I did all the wrong things for all the right reasons. I've learned that sometimes you have to get fucked up to feel sober and cry to see clear. I love rainbows, and women... I enjoy laying out on the beach naked, with no one around, jamming out to reggae music. Drama is dumb. I am innocence lost. I would go crazy without my ipod. Music is my anti-depressant most days. I can't stand people that brag and think they are SOOOO amazing. Get the F*CK over yourself! I will always stand up for what I believe in, even if I am standing alone. One Person CAN make a difference. I've learned we are all nobodies, Striving to be somebodies, and if we are lucky, When we're dead, they'll know just who we are... I am completely content laying in a field looking up at the stars. I think too many people buy things they don't need, with money they don't have, trying to impress people they don't even like. Truth be told, it is possible to love someone and still be completely wrong for them. The quiet scares me, because it screams the truth. I've learned material items mean nothing. They are simply things that we can not take with us when we die anyway. I enjoy being stereotyped, because it gives me something to challenge. Being beautiful is a burden, it's my doom, because everyone always harbors a secret hatred for the prettiest girl in the room. I am reckless, but not a rebel without a cause. I fight to the death for what I want. Banana chocolate chip muffins are yummy!! Try them. I want so badly to believe in truth. That love is real and can be unconditional. And i want life, in every word, to the extent that it's absurd. Ripped jeans, a tank top, and flip flops, yep thats me. I wear slippers and Ugg Boots all winter, they're so comfy! I secretly wish I could be more like my little sister, she will forever and always be my best friend. I am way too sensitive, I take everything personally and cry way too often. I am extremely humble. I get distracted easily. I know addiction in all forms, and also know I can overcome it. Alot of things I can take, I have a high threshold for pain.. People often mistake my kindness for weakness. I am young, but I am not naive. I have seen and done more than you will ever know. I will never forget hiking up to the top of Angels Landing at Mount Zion, it was so incredible, that I hike all the time now. All i really need in life is the air I breathe and a place to rest my head. I love group fitness classes and you can pretty much bet I'll be in a Zumba or Yoga or Pilates class on Saturday morning, if I'm not working. I love surprises! Multi-tasking has never really been my thing, but I'm working on it. I grew up in Chandler, Arizona. It gave me a humble beginning, amazing teachers that always believed in me, and a place to call HOME forever. I love travelling, it’s one of my biggest passions! I want to travel the entire world over, help people, and take pictures everywhere… I believe in Peace On Earth. Unique people and things intrigue me. I am a lover of all things crazy and dancing in the rain. I'm addicted to acoustic music and cheap wine and laying under the stars with my best friends. I have 5 scars on my stomach. I love them. I have a 3 year old mini-me daughter named Cadence. Because of my beautiful daughter, my life consists of Barbie, princesses, millions of giggles and 1,2,3's, bubble baths galore, fairies, and ballet. She wants to be a ballerina when she grows up. I love to shop, tan, travel, learn about history, and take lots of pictures. I love exploring, Not all who wander are really lost, you know? Much Love Madison Scott xoXo

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