Linda Thompson Bio - Biography

Name Linda Thompson
Date of Birth 23 August 1947
Place of Birth London, England
Famous for
When Linda Pettifer was six, her family moved to a district of Glasgow.

In about 1966 she started singing in folk clubs, and in 1967 began studying modern languages at the University of London, but quit the latter after four months. She changed her name to Linda Peters. By day she sang advertising jingles, including one with Manfred Mann. By night she sang folk songs in coffee houses, meeting up with key members of the folk scene including Sandy Denny. She recorded the Bob Dylan song "You Ain't Going Nowhere", released as an MGM single in 1968 by Paul McNeill and Linda Peters. Paul McNeill being another friend of Sandy Denny's and Alex Campbell. They released a second single as Paul and Linda in 1969 on Page One, the John. D. Loudermilk song "You're Taking My Bag". During 1970 she had an affair with Martin Carthy, and was Joe Boyd's girlfriend in the early 1970s. Linda met Richard Thompson in 1969 but they did not record together until 1972.

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