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In the summer of 2002 they had a major flamenco Europop fusion hit with "Aserejé" (released as "The Ketchup Song" in the UK and other countries), which reached or almost reached the top of the charts in many countries including Spain, UK, Italy, Greece, France, Finland, Syria, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Netherlands, Philippines, Switzerland, Germany, Romania, Argentina, Poland, Venezuela, Mexico, Peru, India,Malaysia, Australia, Egypt and the U.S. commonwealth of Puerto Rico. However, it failed to hit the Top 40 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. Still worldwide, the trio became instant rivals to another Spanish female trio, Lunae, who released their debut single in Europe at the same time in 2003. The title and part of the lyrics were in Spanish. The hit also had an accompanying dance.

The group re-released the Ketchup Song, with a new video, as a Christmas song.

The name of the group is a reference to their father Juan Muñoz, a flamenco guitarist known as El Tomate (The Tomato). This also explains why their debut album carried the title Las hijas del Tomate (Tomato's daughters).

In 2006 they were joined by Rocío, their fourth sister, to represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2006.

The group sold over 12 million copies with the first album, but the second did not achieve the same success.

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