Kevin Federline Bio - Biography

Name Kevin Federline
Height 6'
Naionality American
Date of Birth 21 March 1978,
Place of Birth Fresno County, California, USA
Famous for
Born in Fresno, California, Federline is noted for his marriage to American dance-pop superstar Britney Spears. They married on September 18, 2004. When Federline's relationship with Spears became widely known, the tabloid media gave him the moniker "K-Fed". Although loath to use the nickname publicly, Federline has used it in his music. He displayed his disdain for the media creation of the K-Fed name during an episode of WWE RAW where he said 'Come January 1st K-Fed is dead, Kevin Federline will be whooping Cena's ass', he also said that people don't know the real Kevin Federline and that K-Fed is a character created by the media to make him look stupid.

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