Kelly Vitz Bio - Biography

Name Kelly Vitz
Height 5' 6
Naionality American
Date of Birth 10 June 1988,
Place of Birth Hollywood, California, USA
Famous for
KELLY VITZ made her feature film debut in Walt Disney Pictures' SKY HIGH as the sarcastic, punk gal Magenta. Gifted with the ability to shape-shift, others are unimpressed with her power as the only thing she can turn herself into is a less-than-cool guinea pig.
It is only fitting that her first movie is a Disney project as Vitz' very first acting job was doing "Fab 5 Fourth" interstitials on the Disney Channel followed by an episode of "Lizzie McGuire," her first television credit. Also, one of her first modelling assignments was appearing in a Disney holiday print catalogue and she appears in the pre-show at the "Honey I Shrunk the Audience" attraction at Disneyland playing a Chinese princess.

Vitz has been a Ford model since age 10. In addition to numerous print campaigns, she has appeared in television spots for Cingular and Marshalls, as well as a phone company commercial with Faith Hill and a Target ad with Tiger Woods.

She lives with her family in the Los Angeles area, including her younger sister Julie, who also acts. A dedicated student, Vitz is a junior in an area high school where she is a member of the dance team. She hopes to attend an Ivy League University.

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