Kathy Chau Bio - Biography

Name Kathy Chau
Naionality Hong Konger
Date of Birth 6-December-1966
Place of Birth Hong Kong
Famous for Acting
Kathy Chau is a Hong Kong actress. She was a former Miss Hong Kong pageant participant and during the late 1980s and 1990s she actively modeled and starred in Hong Kong TVB series. Over time her roles were reduced and she switched work to ATV during 1998. During all this time she would occasionally be featured in Hong Kong film and appear in award shows. Kathy was only with ATV up to 2001 and later left to Beijing for new prospects in her career. Up until recently, her career had been relatively quiet, featured or starred occasionally in a few movies and TV series. She recently returned to Hong Kong and appeared in a TVB anniversary show as well as featured in a new China ancient series. After a period of time in March 2008, Chow returned to TVB and signed on to TVB's action E.U., the sequel to The Academy and On the First Beat.

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