Kate Ryan Bio - Biography

Name Kate Ryan
Height 5' 2½"
Naionality Canadain
Date of Birth 15 May 1978,
Place of Birth Montréal, Québec, Canada
Famous for
She gained international prominence with a cover of Mylène Farmer's Désenchantée, which was a hit on various European pop music charts. She signed with EMI Belgium and released her first album Different in 2002 exclusively in Europe. The album went Gold, selling more than 250,000 copies throughout Europe. It became popular enough in the States that music consumers who favour Dance-pop with a European flavour, bought "Different" even though it is an import title. Kate's Stateside debut single was, "Scream For More" released July 17, 2001, on Robbins Entertainment. It did decently well on Dance music radio and Nightclubs. The follow up single, "Desenchantee/U R My Love" also released on Robbins, did as well on dance radio and Nightclubs, but the single sold more than the previous single. In 2004, Kate Ryan released a second album Stronger in Europe and in North America in 2005 on Water Music Records. While the album did well on the Dance charts, it failed to chart on the Pop charts because of non-existent promotion and interest in the album, "Stronger."

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