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Name Jennifer Sky
Height 5' 7
Naionality American
Date of Birth 13 October 1976,
Place of Birth Palm Beach, Florida, USA
Famous for
Born and raised in a small surfing town in Florida, Jennifer is a very active person who enjoys running, snow-skiing, and spending time outdoors. She describes herself as "a family girl" and considers her mother to be her best friend.
In pursuit of an acting career, Jennifer left Florida at the age of 17 for New York City. While there she studied under several acclaimed acting coaches, becoming well-versed in the Meisner technique. Jennifer's credits include guest leads on such television shows as "Pacific Blue", "Buffy, The Vampire Slayer", "CSI", and "Boomtown"; a featured appearance on "SeaQuest" and "Fastlane"; and a regular role on the Disney series, "Emerald Cove", the popular soap "General Hospital" where she gave life to the character of Sarah Webber, and "Xena: Warrior Princess" where she played the ever-elusive Amarice; a starring role as Cleopatra in the sci-fi show "Cleopatra 2525". In theater, Jennifer has demonstrated her versatility by portraying such roles as Frenchie in the Juniper Theater production of "Grease" and Julie in the Martin Co. Theater production of "Romeo & Juliet." A few years ago, Jennifer completed an independent film titled "Deadline." The drama has yet to be released in theaters. She also co-stars in the horror film "My Little Eye", and has done other various movies. Jennifer is currently bride Alex Band, lead singer and guitar for the band The Calling. They were set up on a blind date almost five years ago and are still going strong. They share a house in Los Angeles and Miami with their two cats Six and Parige (Parige's nickname is Tripodige because he only has 3 legs). Her favourite fast foods are Wendy's and Taco Bell, where she likes to scream "BIGGIE" at the drive-thru workers, and order the 7-layer burrito. She is a vegetarian, though the extent of her vegetarianism isn't fully known.
Jennifer is a semi-shy girl, and is nothing like the characters she plays in real-life, preferring to dress up rather than dress-down, as in show more skin. Classy is her motto, not trashy. Go, Jennifer

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