Jencarlos Canela Bio - Biography

Name Jencarlos Canela
Naionality American
Date of Birth 21-Apr-1988
Place of Birth America
Famous for
Jencarlos Canela was born in Miami FL, under the sign of Taurus, and inspite of the fact that he was born in the USA, he has proudly maintain his CUBAN roots and lifted them sky rocket off of the ground making all of his fans proud to say he is not only perfect, but also hispanic. Since his early years he liked to sing and dance, he was always very enthusiastic and talented. At the age of eight he began to model proffesionaly for a local modeling agency, and by the age of tweleve he was already a lead singer for a youth group band, in which he sang for a period of two years. After leaving the group Jencarlos decided that it was time for him to make it on his own as a solist. Jencarlos vocal inclination has mainly being singing to a hispanic public, he has also written songs in English, and has had many local presentations in television and radio. He has also performed in many fund raisers to benefit the abused children, for the Voices for Children foundation, has also been guest star at La Liga contra el Cancer, fight against cancer telethon which has been around for over twenty years, in South Florida, along with street presentations in the majority of street festivals. Jencarlos has many local and International preformances, since 2003 he has been the guest star singer in Dominican Republic and Canada for beauty pageants,and other important events, in Miami he has also performed for Beauty pageants such as Miss Cuban American and Miss Hispanidad. His local concerts in South Florida, have been completely sold out and a great success. According to the Miami Herald, and media critics, he will definately make a difference in the musical industry. JenCarlos Canela, an 18-year-old up-and-coming local artist , wrote the melody and lyrics and performs in the new "Ride it Like a Ford" music video commercials. The campaign was produced in both English and Spanish and is currently airing on media outlets in the tri-country and Fort Myers/Naples area. This commercial has won 2nd place as best commercial in South Florida. Jencarlos has a very musical back ground which include guitar, piano and percussion, he also attends acting classes. Jencarlos, has his way of captivating his fans with his carismatic smile, movements on stage and definately his main God giving talent which is his voice. At the present time he is working on a record deal which will cross him over to the English audiance, and the majority of the lyrics and music are composed by Jencarlos. Jencarlos quotes " There is nothing better to me than being on stage and receiving the applause of my fans, that is fulfillment." His biggest dreams is to take his music all over the world.

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