Jeanette Biedermann Bio - Biography

Name Jeanette Biedermann
Height 5' 2½
Naionality German
Date of Birth 22 February 1981,
Place of Birth Berlin, German Democratic Republic [now Federal Republic of Germany]
Famous for
Biedermann was born in Berlin in 1981 as an only child to Bernd and Marion Biedermann. At the age of six she began performing professionally on stage of the Circus Lilliput, appearing as a member of a troupe of acrobats. After her secondary school graduation she started receiving vocational training as a hairdesser. The singer discontinued her studies in 1999, however, after she participated in and won the Bild-Schlagerwettbewerb competition, winning out over 270,000 other contestants. She released her debut single, "Das Tut Unheimlich Weh", soon after that. To date, it remains her only song sung entirely in German.

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