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Creative, talented and inspiring Jazmin Whitley, designer of the fashion line,“Li Cari” has made the saying, “age is just a number,” she makes it point clear.At the young age of 19 years old, Jazmin has already accomplished what an inspiring fashion designer of ten years has only dreamed of. With multiple fall and spring collections being featured, a tour around European Fashion Week, New York and Los Angeles Fashion week and an upcoming show on a major network, she is the designer to wear on the red carpet.

At only 19, Jazmin Whitley has shown at NY fashion week’s spring summer 2007,2008 and 2009 as the youngest designer to ever show in NY fashion week. Miss Whitley has designed her 6th collections and with amazing reviews of herSpring Summer 09 collection has been asked to show in London Fashion week.

She recently showed at the Catwalk for Charity along side Valentino, Missoni, Pucci, and Blumarine.
The Li Cari Label was on a Spring summer 2007 fashion tour that showed in venues across the nation. It kicked off on Feb 9th at the Diane Merrick boutique on Melrose in Los Angeles and ended with a Li Cari runway event at Tentation Ultra lounge in Newport Beach sponsored by 944 magazine. Jazmin Whitley as been featured in: American Superstar Magazine, Portrait Magazine, San Diego Life & Fashion Magazine, Global Women Magazine, Relate Magazine, Westlake Magazine, Imperfekshun Magazine, US Weekly Magazine, LA Direct Magazine, 944 Magazine, Sense Magazine, Wired Magazine, Ubansuite, Mediablvd magazine, Justine magazine, Gawk magazine, as well as featured on savvy.com, thestarscoop.com, as well as numerous others.She is a fashion expert on About.com with how to segmants. Jazmin has been on Maxim radio with a live interview and has just put on a fabulous Eco friendly show for LA fashion week.

Born in Houston, TX, oldest of one brother and the daughter of a Italian mother and a Jewish, Italian father. She built the passion of fashion through her own experiences and what she saw around the world. At 7 years old, Jazmin started collecting perfume bottles because she loved the way the design looked, she even made a book on perfume bottles till the age of 9 years old.

She always knew she would venture off into that industry of fashion design. Jazmin has always traveled and she started noticing the different trends that Europe has compared to the states and that is one aspect that influences her line of, “Li Cari.”Throughout high school Jazmin took fashion classes and over the summer’s she would travel to different countries like Brazil and Italy to study fashion design.

At 17 she had her very first showing in a fashion show at her school San Marino High School, it was a huge hit. As soon as they found out she was the designer they asked her to design an outfit for them. She then was approached by many different talents and socialites all around the world and one piece turned into a 36 piece collection for her first LA fashion week.
The Li Cari label was launched in Los Angeles, March 2006 as the finale of Los Angeles fashion week. Jazmin Whitley brings a passion and persistence to the world of couture fashion that is underscored by each of her garments.

The Li Cari line can only be found at exclusive boutiques. Although Jazmin is only 20 years old her natural talent shines as bright as her smile at each runway event. Jazmin is not only passionate about fashion she also holds children very close to her heart. The line will only be made in the USA, Italy and countries that enforce child labor laws. Jazmin Whitley is an advocate against child labor and has been working on educating American about this crisis. She has made a commitment against it and has challenged other designers to do the same. On her free time Jazmin likes to go to the beach, hang out with friends, go to concerts, sing, paint, cook and take part in charity events.

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