Jane Bradbury Bio - Biography

Name Jane Bradbury
Naionality Ireland
Date of Birth
Place of Birth Ireland
Famous for
2009 Update! Jane is really busy doing a number of custom orders for us. Just in is this beautiful "Three Virtures" - now available! Hurry... Jane's work sells quickly because it is so reasonable and affordable. Also just in "Alice w/Queen of Hearts Rabbit" - this was a pre-ordered doll but if you love her contact us about doing a custom "Alice" of your own! Just in is one of her "Little Red Riding Hood" dolls which is just adorable! Jane is also very well known her absolutely beautiful one of a kind "Alice in Wonderland" dolls. She will take custom orders on a variety of different "Alice" themes. Another popular look has been her "Little Bird" dolls. Each are one of a kinds but have a similar flair to them. Jane is now working in a mix of Super sculpey and other polymer clays. Prior to 2008 she worked in fimo. If you are interested in Jane's work be sure to email us your info for updates. Currently she is so backed up with orders the best idea is really to get your custom order in the "que". Jane has also expressed a desire to retire soon. She is enjoying just working on the custom orders as they come in but is really semi-retired already so be sure to get her work while you can!

Special orders: In most cases we can request Jane to do a similar piece to one she has done before but rest assured all her fimo or super sculpey dolls are one of a kinds. She prefers working in a smaller scale now as the bigger size is tough on her hands. She also creates the animals which go with her dolls. We've seen rabbits, wolves and cats so far! Jane no longer does sculpting for Blackhall associates which produced her dolls in resin for HSN. We have carried her one of a kinds and resin "Artist Proofs" only which we feature in our Doll Shows every October. A deposit of 25% is required on orders, the balance is due when the dolls come in. We will give you an estimated delivery date at time of order.

If you are interested in one in particular please email [email protected] as we may be able to special order on similar to it for you. Also - email your address and number to be added to our Jane Bradbury mailing list and receive our free catalogues. Jane is featured here to the left at our doll show October 2002 with girl in peach. Jane has participated in our 2003 thru 2007 shows as well and hopefully will also participate in our 2009 October show with all new work.

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