Jack Noseworthy Bio - Biography

Name Jack Noseworthy
Height 5' 8"
Naionality American
Date of Birth 21 December 1969
Place of Birth Lynn, Massachusetts, USA
Famous for
Jack Noseworthy was born on December 21, 1969. He grew up in Massuchusetts, and began acting there. In his late teens, he joined the national tour of the musical "Cats." He then went straight to New York where many other productions followed. Jack also graduated and received his BFA from the Boston Conservatory. After appearing in a Bon Jovi video, "Always," Jack appeared in the Pauly Shore comedy Encino Man (1992). Many films followed, and in 1996, Jack was seen in The Brady Bunch Movie (1995). After that came more: Barb Wire (1996), The Trigger Effect (1996), Event Horizon (1997) and Breakdown (1997/I). In his acting experience, he has starred alongside some of the most famous names, including Pamela Anderson, Christine Taylor, Sam Neill, Laurence Fishburne, and many others. In 1999, he had another hit, Idle Hands (1999), with Devon Sawa. He also has many films due out in 2000, such as Unconditional Love (2002).

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