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Name Ingrid Grudke
Naionality Arjentina
Date of Birth 23 November 1976,
Place of Birth Misiones, Argentina
Famous for
Beautiful like few, we have all the biography of this fascinating model and actress of the great screen. The biography of Ingrid Grudke.
Ingrid is one of the TOP-MODEL Argentina but known international level by his great projection and so ambitious being.
This misionera was born in the city of Obera, the province of Missions is located to the north of the Argentine Republic.
When measuring a meter 78 of stop can shine its beautiful legs and beauty, Pancho” Dotto made participate it in casting of the well-known representate of models “. After many years to dedicate itself solely to the modelaje, Ingrid empezo to acercarce little by little in the television, in the theater where he does his first arms like vedette. And but recently in the great screen. In the 2005 I comprise of the personages of the film “crazy Pope volvio”.

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