Ingo Rademacher Bio - Biography

Name Ingo Rademacher
Height 6' 2"
Naionality Germon
Date of Birth 22 April 1971
Place of Birth Iserlohn-Letmathe, West Germany. [now Germany]
Famous for
Ingo Rademacher was born in the small village of Iserlohn-Letmathe, West Germany. Ingo lived on the European continent until his parents moved to New South Wales, Australia, in 1981. His sister, Anne, and he helped his parents work a 400-acre cattle and Angora goat station there. "I played rugby and worked the ranch, " he details. "We didn't have a television for three and a half years there." In 1984, the family took up vegetable farming in Queensland where Ingo drove tractors and did other necessary jobs while attending high school. After graduation, Ingo moved to the metropolis of Sydney. He started out doing school plays, modeling, and acting classes. His first role was on an Australian soap "Paradise Beach" (1993). Ingo was cast as the lead character, Sean Hayden, an 18 year old surfer. Ingo moved to Los Angeles in 1994. He was almost on "Model's Inc.", but he couldn't get his working papers fast enough. His latest role is on "General Hospital" (1963), as Jasper "Jax" Jacks. He compared Jax to Sean and says "Jax is more educated and a savvy businessman.....Sean was just a typical young surfer." Ingo says that he is a lot like Jax but just doesn't have as much money. Gregarious, thrill-seeking and devilishly handsome, the man known simply as Jax is internationally known for his unique ability to dismantle huge corporations as well as break hearts. The Jacks family, globe-trotting eccentrics of nearly inestimable wealth, never take "no" for an answer and refuse to think any objective is unachievable. Jax has taken this heritage to the extreme. Ingo embodies the spirit of Jax, having lived on three continents, excelled in several professional sports, and carving careers in areas as diverse as farming, ranching, modeling and television. "Jax has a 'why not?' attitude that is very similar to my own." Ingo remarks. "My parents saw things and places that interested them, went for it, and then moved on. I inherited their spirit of adventure which has landed me here in Port Charles." he jokes. As an athlete, Ingo has amassed an extraordinary list of accomplishments. He was a West German ski champion at the age of eight. He was a professional equestrian in jumping, dressage and cross country from age 10 to 14. In Australia, Ingo was a professio nal beach volleyball player and an Ironman triathlete. On the personal side, Ingo says he is very romantic, loves the beach at night and bonfires. One day he wants to be completely involved in the film industry....acting and directing. He says that "Vanessa (Marcil) is fantasic." Ingo is SINGLE....he says he never gets out because he is too busy. The beach life of Southern California presently fulfills Ingo's spare time where he surfs, trains for ocean Ironman races, and mountain bikes in the Santa Monica mountains. He lives in the Pacific Palisades community of Los Angeles. On the note of his family, Ingo says they are all supportive and wonderful.....especially his mother who always told him "Do whatever you want and I'll support you!".

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