Hunter Parrish Bio - Biography

Name Hunter Parrish
Height 5' 7"
Naionality American
Date of Birth 13 May 1987
Place of Birth Richmond, Virginia, USA
Famous for
Actor Hunter Parrish first caught the eye of many moviegoers with his roles as the brainy son of Jeff Daniels and Kristin Chenoweth in RV and a troubled inner-city high school student in the 2007 drama Freedom Writers. Yet despite these noteworthy feature achievements, Parrish's biggest early accomplishment was his leading role as a na?ve suburban teen in the 2005 drama Steal Me -- in which he proved he could carry a feature and took home a Method Fest award for his efforts. In 2005, Parrish was cast in Showtime's Weeds as the grieving, insecure teenager Silas Botwin, who is forced to become the man of the house after his father dies unexpectedly.

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