Heidi Hamilton Bio - Biography

Name Heidi Hamilton
Height 5'9
Naionality American
Date of Birth 24-09-1973
Place of Birth Batesville, Indiana
Famous for
Heidi Dionne Hamilton (born September 24, 1973 in Batesville, Indiana) is an American radio personality. Hamilton is also an actor, performing in artistic roles in Los Angeles theater and appearing in independent films. She is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati. On the air, she has openly discussed her first sexual experiences with both men and women. She was once rumored to be romantically involved with a female country music star. An ongoing game she played on the radio with the audience was to guess the sex of her significant other, known only as "The Italian." On October 27, 2006 at a live show in San Diego, California, Hamilton revealed that "The Italian" was in fact a woman. Hamilton currently resides in Encino, California. She has 5 dogs and loves to run in the hills above her home. She frequently mentions once having a lesbian relationship with a popular country music singer, and gives hints that point to the identity being Sony Music artist Gretchen Wilson.

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