Fredric Lehne Bio - Biography

Name Fredric Lehne
Naionality American
Date of Birth 3-February-1958
Place of Birth Buffalo, New York, U.S.
Famous for Acting
Fredric Lehne is an American actor who has appeared in over 200 films, mini-series, and television shows as well as many stage productions including works by Shakespeare, Moliere and Ibsen on Broadway. He appeared in such films as Con Air, Ordinary People, Coward Of The County and Being There.

In 1995 he guest starred as Ranger in episode "The Coming of Shadows" of US TV series Babylon 5. Notably, the episode won the Hugo Award for 1996. He is known for his role as US Marshal Edward Mars in ABC's hit show Lost. He dies in the first season, but is seen throughout the remaining seasons in various flashbacks as well as some flash "sideways." He is seen as INS agent Janus in Men in Black. He also played Apollo 7 LM pilot Walter Cunningham in the HBO mini-series From the Earth to the Moon. Before his character's death, he appeared in a recurring role on Supernatural, as Azazel, the yellow-eyed demon. He has a recurring role on Ghost Whisperer, appeared in The X-Files as the young Arthur Dales, and in an episode of Malcolm in the Middle and Firefly. Lehne worked on the film Apology, released in 2007.

In 2007 through 2008, Lehne worked on the TV series Criminal Minds where he played a former hitman now in witness protection who was searching for his kidnapped daughter. Lehne also starred in the 1981 film "The Children Nobody Wanted". Lehne played real-life person Tom Butterfield who took children who were abandoned into his care. The film also starred high-profile actress Michelle Pfeiffer. Lehne also starred in the 1981 film "Coward Of The County". Lehne played real-life person Tommy Spencer. Lehne played Eddie Cronin on the hit tv series "Dallas" during 1984-1985 for 19 episodes as Lucy Ewing's lover.

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