Franky G Bio - Biography

Name Franky G
Height 6'
Naionality American
Date of Birth 1965
Place of Birth Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA
Famous for
With a varied background that includes time spent as a semi-professional football player and a competitive bodybuilder -- not to mention a strip club bouncer -- Brooklyn-born tough-guy actor Franky G. may not seem anything more than a muscle-bound meathead upon first inspection, but a closer look into his filmography reveals a notable onscreen talent who just may have the potential to become more than just the next Vin Diesel. From his screen debut as a troubled ex-con struggling to setting a new course for is life in Manitou to his turn as a rookie cop in the fact-based 2003 drama Wonderland, G. seems to have the kind of drive and range that could easily propel him beyond that of the stereotypical action icon. In addition to maintaining a normal existence and not letting success go to his head, G (the actor was born Frankie Gonzalez) is also determined not to let his ethnicity dictate his film roles.

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