Erik Cord Bio - Biography

Name Erik Cord
Naionality American
Date of Birth 19-Aug-1994
Place of Birth America
Famous for
When college student Eric Cord's best friend, Ted, revealed to Eric that he is a werewolf, Eric at first refused to believe him. However he soon stops being a sceptic when Ted transformed in front of him and attacked. Eric managed to shoot Ted dead, but not before he too was bitten. Now cursed with lycanthropy, Eric discovered that he could be cured if he could kill the progenitor of his line, a man called Janos Skorzeny. Eric began a life on the run, pursuing the murderous Skorzeny, who proved to be both ancient and able to transform at will and control his brutal beast, while in turn being pursued by a bounty hunter "Alamo Joe" Rogan, who wanted to kill a werewolf. Eventually he managed to slay Skorzeny, only to discover that he was not the head of the line: that was Professor Nicholas Remy, an even more dangerous werewolf.

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