Dina Spybey Bio - Biography

Name Dina Spybey
Naionality American
Date of Birth 29 August 1965
Place of Birth Columbus, Ohio, USA
Famous for
Baby-faced, blonde, petite, and possessing a trademark squeaky voice that virtually secures her any number of "ditzy blonde" roles, Dina Spybey may fit the bill for typecasting, though the quick-witted actress' memorable performance in HBO's critically acclaimed Six Feet Under showed that Spybey can offer up a certain depth that makes for a memorable performance.

Born in August 29, 1966 in Columbus, OH, Spybey received early career kudos when she snagged an Emmy for her early role as a young teen who has an illegal abortion in HBO's fact-based Public Law 106: The Becky Hill Story . Following up with small roles in such films as Big Night and SubUrbia (both 1996) and on the small screen in Men Behaving Badly and Remember WENN , the perky actress quickly began to gain career momentum. Equally comfortable on the silver screen or the small screen, Spybey continued with roles in Julian Po (1997) and Isn't She Great (2000).

Married to actor Mark S Waters? in November 2000, the millennial turnover found Spybey's career in full swing with her Six Feet Under performance and roles in such high-profile releases as John Q. and Full Frontal (both 2002). A role in the raunchy television puppet show Greg the Bunny proved that even with her career catching fire, the good-humored actress retained her funnybone and didn't take herself too seriously.

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