Didi Benami Bio - Biography

Name Didi Benami
Naionality Amarican
Date of Birth October 25, 1986
Place of Birth Hollywood, California, U.S.
Famous for
Benami was born in New York before moving to Tennessee. Her father is Israeli[1][2] and the word vered (ורד) means 'rose' in Hebrew.[3] She spent most of her formative years in Knoxville, Tennessee, and is a 2005 graduate of West High School. Didi first started singing in the fifth grade. In school, she sang in the musical "Grease" and frequently performed the national anthem in front of various crowds. She attended Belmont University before leaving to move to California.
[edit] American Idol

Benami auditioned for American Idol in Los Angeles, California, where she has been living for the past four years. At her audition she sang "Hey Jude" by The Beatles. The judges all loved her performance, including guest judge Avril Lavigne. Benami became a front-runner in the competition following her well-praised performance of judge Kara DioGuardi's song "Terrified" in Hollywood Week, and has since progressed to the Top 10, guaranteeing herself a place on the summer American Idol tour. On March 31, 2010, Benami was eliminated from the competition, finishing 10th place. Despite an encore of "Rhiannon" for the judges' save, the judges chose not to save her, though, Simon Cowell stated it was one million times better than her performance the night before.

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