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David Ramsden (born 2 September 1980) is a clothing recycler from Dewsbury, near Leeds in West Yorkshire. He entered the House on Day 44 with four other new housemates. With them he was tasked with ensuring that Noirin and Halfwit received the most nominations, but the new housemates failed their task and faced the public vote, though the eviction was ultimately cancelled. On Days 60-63, David was the victim of an ongoing argument in which he was accused of being a thief and a bully after Bea accused him of stealing butter. On Day 63, after a heated argument, Marcus said to David that he "punked him out" leading David to believe that Marcus was threatening him. David was later informed by Big Brother that he had misinterpreted Marcus's statement. On Day 91, David celebrated his 29th birthday, and he received a birthday message from fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, who he claims is his hero. David has also been on UK television show Golden Balls. He finished 3rd.

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