David Prowse Bio - Biography

Name David Prowse
Naionality English
Date of Birth 1-July-1935
Place of Birth Bristol, England, UK
Famous for Acting
David Prowse is an English former bodybuilder, weightlifter and actor, most widely known for playing the role of Darth Vader (though James Earl Jones voiced the character). In Britain, he is also remembered as having played the Green Cross Code man. Prowse is a native of Bristol, where he attended Bristol Grammar School.

He had a role as F. Alexander's bodyguard Julian in the 1971 film A Clockwork Orange, in which he was noticed by the future Star Wars director George Lucas. He played a circus strongman in 1972's Vampire Circus, a Minotaur in the 1972 Doctor Who serial The Time Monster, and an android named Copper in The Tomorrow People in 1973.

He also appeared in an episode of Space: 1999, The Beta Cloud in 1976 right before he was cast as Darth Vader. Around that time, he also appeared as the Black Knight in the Terry Gilliam film Jabberwocky (1977).

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