David Harbour Bio - Biography

Name David Harbour
Naionality American
Date of Birth 23-Oct-1965
Place of Birth America
Famous for
Comparisons always tend to pigeon-hole truly original works, but a few gestures in that vein might at least orient your sensibilities until Dave’s approach redefines them for you.

Sonically parallel with artists such as George Winston, Tori Amos, Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, Rush and Sting, Dave has chosen a musical path that is impossible to clearly define. Music for music’s sake. Expected, if rather unfortunate, in that all of his prior recording involvements consistently dealt him the role of a supporting musician. Hearing his own direction, it becomes immediately evident that those prior releases suffered for marginal- izing his instinct for song craft.

These experiences however were undeniably valuable to his playing, writing, and more important his production skills. He became savvy with the recording process and the nuances of studio techniques, not to mention the mechanics of the music business. His stunning ability on both piano and bass, song craft and the art of restraint truly set him apart. This rare instrumental prowess is brought to focus by songwriting that ultimately leaves nothing for the music critics of the world.

David’s past stints with David T. Chastain, King Diamond and countless sessions, teaching and many life changing decisions were invaluable to his focus on the music and where he is now. It is debateable that many other players have been involved in as many diverse situations, funk, jazz, dance, pop, new-age solo piano and his roots in extremely heavy hard core punk and metal, not to mention a country band or two. This foundation serves to further enhance his command and overall approach to music.

David was introduced to the piano at age five. The bass at sixteen. Loving both equally, not sacrificing one for the other for the sake of critical appoval, he has excelled at both.

David currently performs solo on piano and bass, as well as session and touring, not to mention a film score or two.


“David is probably the best bass player I’ve ever played with. It’s unbelievable what he can dobut fortunately he doesn’t have that big ego. You can imagine sometimes, if you got a guy thatis really, really good he’ll try and play bass all over the place, but David has a very good ear for arrangement. If he just needs to play straight he will do that, he can hear what’s best for the song, and in different parts, go crazy when its right. It’s another very big improvement” - King Diamond - rusmetal.ru

“David Harbour is an amazing musician. Not only is he a scary-good bassist who always inspires me, but he plays piano beautifully too.” - Michael Manring

“Wonderful Music!” - George Winston

“There is a bassist that very few people know about named David Harbour. He is my ..1 influence in all aspects of my bass playing, whether its tapping, slapping and especially his aggressive dig-in stlye of fingerpicking. Back in the early ‘90’s, I saw him play live six times when he would come to Detroit with neo-classical guitarist, David T. Chastain.” - Gary Jibilian

“If you’ve never heard of David Harbour all you have to do is listen to any of the albums he’s played on and chances are you’ll never forget his name. What a treat it is to hear this guy play the bass.

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