Danny Mcbride Bio - Biography

Name Danny Mcbride
Height 6'2
Naionality American
Date of Birth 29-Dec-1976
Place of Birth America
Famous for
As the quintessential Navy Brat, McBride spent his formative years living a nomadic lifestyle, moving from one tropical locale to another. His family was transferred, on average, once every three years. At first this was tough on Danny and his younger sister, Kelly. Packing up memories and saying good-bye to close friends soon became all too commonplace. But to a young boy, the mystery of the jungle and unparalleled beauty of the coral reefs quickly took hold of Danny and he fell deeply in love with the tropics... and, of course, movies at the local Navy base theaters! He has made his home in Hawaii, Guam, Florida, The Panama Canal Zone, and the Philippines. And each place is "home" to him in its own special way. His father, Daniel, a special agent for the Naval Investigative Service, instilled in his son a deep respect for nature and history. He also taught him to scuba dive, fish, and explore. As a voracious reader, he urged his son to absorb as much literature as possible which opened up a whole new world for Danny and eventually led to his career as a budding screenwriter. Danny's mother, Pati, a talented folk painter, urged him to be creative, caring, and, above all else, loyal to his true friends... which, according to Danny was "Crucial to surviving the most dangerous jungle of all -- Los Angeles." In the 1980s Danny caught the music bug and began to gig extensively around the San Diego area. He played in a myriad of bands including: Sabotage, American Steel, Copper Head, and Dirty Blonde. In 1990 he moved to Hollywood and formed Love Stomp with his childhood friend, Steve Johnson. But, as fate would have it, movies were always Danny's first love and slowly but surely his urge to make music was replaced by a strong desire to become a film maker. In 1992 he befriended Scott McElroy, a talented stuntman, who quickly introduced him to the world of film action. Together, as business partners, they formed The Scuba Dudes Action Team and soon began to coordinate a string of low budget features. It was during this time that Danny and Scott befriended 'Brad Martin' who would eventually become a superstar stuntman. Together, they began to dream of the day when they could put their "team" to work and make features of their own. In 2000, Danny met an extremely talented music video/commercial director named Len Wiseman and together they began to develop movie projects. Following in the footsteps of Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin, and under the urging and guidance of their agent, Nick Reed at ICM, Danny and Len forged a strong writer/director partnership and have recently inked several deals. Len will be directing his first feature, Underworld, written by Danny, for Lakeshore Entertainment. Also, as a writing team, Danny and Len will be penning the supernatural thriller Black Chapter for Disney, with Antoine Fuqua attached to direct.

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