Danny Arroyo Bio - Biography

Name Danny Arroyo
Naionality American
Date of Birth 29-January-1979
Place of Birth Bronx, New York, USA
Famous for Acting
Danny Arroyo is the talented and charismatic actor/writer/producer who loves comic books and video games. He caught the "acting bug" after watching a Christopher Reeve interview about playing "Superman", and was inspired to pen his first screenplay after reading about Sylvester Stallone's and Matt Damon's success stories in getting "Rocky" and "Good Will Hunting" made.

Winning "Best Actor" for his work in the indie drama Chimera House, Arroyo has shared the big screen with some established film stars, including Mel Gibson, Danny Glover, David Carradine, Thomas Jane and Salma Hayek. With memorable roles in the films, Lethal Weapon 4, The Velocity of Gary, White Rush, Richard III, and Hotel California, Arroyo has wasted no time in becoming one of the hottest stars in Hollywood. Arroyo can next be seen in the feature films Into the Night; Spring Breakdown with Amy Poehler and Parker Posey; and starring roles in Groupie with Eric Roberts; Kill Katie Malone with Dean Cain; Repo Chick, the non-sequel to the 1980's cult classic Repo Man; and 513 with Danny Trejo.

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