Danielle Brent Bio - Biography

Name Danielle Brent
Height 5' 3"
Naionality British
Date of Birth 19 September 1979
Place of Birth Rush Green, Essex in England
Famous for
Dannielle Mereyse Brent was born on September 19, 1979, in Rush Green, Essex in England. She is the oldest of her parents, Mark and Valerie's, three girls. Her sisters, Courtnie and Tiana are the two most important people in Dannielle's life. She says that she misses them so much when she is away that she is constantly phoning them to talk. Always eager to be with her little sisters, she took her youngest sister Tiana to the premiere of, Rugrats The Movie, in early 1999.

While she was growing up in Dagenham, Essex - Dannielle wanted to pursue a career in performing. She auditioned for and was accepted into the prestigious Italia Contia Academy of Theatre Arts in the heart of London. Unfortunately for Dannielle many of the girls who lived near her thought she had become very posh by going to school out in London and jumped Dannielle as she got off the bus from her first day of school. Dannielle says it was very tough being bullied and sometimes ended up with bald spots in her hair and cuts and bruises but was always able to sort herself out and was never afraid.

Back at school Dannielle was first looking toward a career in musical perfomance. She was a backing vocalist for Roger Wittacker for a short while, appeared in many musical plays including Whistle Down the Wind when she was 15, and even got to perform for HRH Queen Elizabeth II in The Children's Royal Variety Show. Dannielle's musical dreams fell spectacularly to pieces when she headed to the back of an Irish pub to sing Natalie Imbruglia's Torn one night. You can imagine her surprise when Aqua's Turn back time, played instead and not knowing any of the words Dannielle was trapped on stage. From that moment on Dannielle ruled out a career in music and turned toward a career in acting.

The Bill It wasnt long before Dannielle started to get some acting jobs. Her first television appearance was on The Bill in episode True to Life Player. She played Kelly Sumner an undgerage girl accusing a famous football player of having raped her. Dannielle appeared in only one episode but she says it was an incredible expierence to be there on the set and working with people she watched on TV.

Gina Patrick - Hollyoaks In 1997, Dannielle went on an audition for a new teen soap called Hollyoaks. Having impressed the casting directors, Dannielle was quickly offered a role. She was to play, Gina Patrick, a strompy, anti-conformital youth who first appeared as a witness testifying to a stabbing. The character was originally supposed to be on the show for a short while, but the directors liked Dannielle so much they made Gina a premanent character on the show, which Dannielle starred in from October 1997- May 2001.
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Dannielle and Abs Breen During her time on Hollyoaks, Dannielle was very well known for her well documented and publisized relationship with ex-5ive heartthrob and singer, Abs Breen. The two had begun dating after being seated next to each other in some classes at the Italia Conti Academy. It was actually Dannielle who sent Abs on his fated audition for the band. She helped teach him his dance routines and they went shopping for his outfit out in Canabary Wharf. The two dated on and off for five years but eventually called it a day in October 2001. Dannielle says they care deeply for each other to this day but do not have a very close friendship any longer. Abs is very close with Dannielle's two younger sisters and her mother Valerie, and Dannielle considers him to be part of her family.
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Celebrity True Life Apart from her love life, Dannielle finally started getting some recognition when she did photo spreads for mens magazines including FHM, Maxim, and SKY. She was the girl directly under the cover flap on both of her Maxim appearances and was the only Hollyoaks girl to have her own page in SKY. The pictorials grabbed lots of attention and gained Dannielle spots in other magazines including Bliss, Sugar, Tops of the Pops, Smash Hits, All About Soap, Looks, BIG! and many others. During this time Dannielle also did numerous appearances, tv promotions, and charity events. She was featured in the 2000 documentary Celebrity True Life, appeared at two Soccer Six Tournaments, lent her voice to the animated short film Big Feet! and appeared in Brookside - Double Take! - a spoof on Phil Redman's soap, where she played Ted's PA. It was just a very bit part and Dannielle is only on screen for about 10 seconds.
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Dannielle and Gary Lucy Having split with Abs in May 2000, The Sun newspaper was quick to report that Dannielle had been dating her Hollyoaks co-star Gary Lucy since October. They reported that Dannielle and Gary had been seen smootching at a string of high profile parties and were very happy together but trying to keep their relationship a secret. The couple managed to do just that for awhile but the two later confirmered their brief romance in many interviews to follow in the coming months. After they broke up, Gary told Now magazine that the closest he was to ever being in love was with Dannielle and cared very much for her.
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Dannielle and Kelly Brook After leaving Hollyoaks, Dannielle jet setted back and forth to Los Angeles, California with best friend Kelly Brook. She stayed for nine months total staying for three month stints. While out there she sat pool side and filmed a guest spot on the BBC show LA Pool Party. She told them all about checking out the hot American guys and what she was planning on doing in the future. After a short trip to Saint Tropaz Dannielle and Abs reunited for a brief while and celebrated Dannielle's 21st birthday at Chinawhite's nightclub in London.

At this point, Dannielle was sort of in a bit of a career rut and was failing many auditions that she went on, including an audition for Chardonnay Lane Pascoe on Footballer's Wives. Dannielle said she was becoming increasingly depressed and was thrilled when she landed an American tv pilot, unfortunately her visa fell through and the part was given to someone else. Discouraged Dannielle went to see a palm reader on a whim and the woman told her that she needed to get straight back to London because her dream job was waiting for her.

Jennifer Taylor - Dream Team Returning to London Dannielle successfully audtioned for a role on the Sky football drama Dream Team. Dannielle had finally made her long awaited return to TV with her new role as Jennifer Taylor. Dannielle said she enjoyed this role because she got to dress up and be glam for once. After spending 4 years on Hollyoaks wearing combat trousers and jumpers. Jennifer Taylor was in love with her boss Alan Rothman, but his feelings were unrequited. Jennifer had a small fling with Marcel in the series and more was to come in the Series 7 but Dannielle decided not to return to Dream Team as she had an even larger role awaiting her.
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During her hiatus from Dream Team, Dannielle filmed her first movie roll as Danielle in Lee Pavey's hit film, One Man and His Dog. The movie also stars Dannielle's very close friend ex-roommate and ex-hollyoaks star, Paul Danan. The film is a dark comedy and Dannielle plays Danielle a girl in love with Wayne, played by Paul.
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Dannielle and Ben Fairman While on Dream Team, Dannielle had begun dating a friend of her named Ben Fairman who was a London club owner. The two dated for around two years but split in December of 2003. Dannielle says it was depressing to be dumped at Christmas but she used the money she was going to buy his Christmas presents with to buy herself a nice pair of designer shoes as a bit of a pick me up. The two are still close friends to this day.
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On September 19th, 2003 - Dannielle's 24th birthday she got the call that she was to play the role of Natalie Buxton in ITV's hit drama Bad Girls. Dannielle was so excited to phoned her mother up to tell her the great news. Her ex, Ben threw Dannielle a surprise party that night and they celebrated her birthday and new role.

Natalie Buxton - Bad GirlsDannielle started filming Bad Girls a week later and has become a fan favorite amongst Bad Girls fans. Natalie is the closest thing to pure evil on G-wing and walks around manipulating everyone she can. She has had lesbian kisses, affairs with officers, had massive fights with most of the girls on the wing, stabbed someone in the eye with a pin, and even tried to escape after spraying a guard with mace. Dannielle says Natalie is her dream role and loves playing her because she can vent all her anger through her. Dannielle has currently starred in two series of the show and is set to start in her third in 2006.
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Dannielle and Eran Creevy 2004 brought many new things for Dannielle, a new permanent role on a highly rated tv show, a new boyfriend, and even an appearance in a music video! Not her own though. Dannielle has close friends in a band called, The Baytown Crew and while on vacation in Barbados, May 2004 - Dannielle made a guest appearance in their video, Homeland. While on the set, Dannielle fell in love with none other than the music videos director, Eran Creevy. The two have been dating for a little over a year and a half (November 2005) and have been photographed on numerous holidays out in the Caribbean. Dannielle says she is very in love with him and would like to get married one day in the future.

Dannielle October 2005Dannielle is currently setting up her own production company - there is no official word yet on what type of things Dannielle would like to produce but she has mentioned that she has written a few plays with her boyfriend Eran - who is also setting up a production company. I wish her all the success in the world with that.

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