Daniel Flaherty Bio - Biography

Name Daniel Flaherty
Naionality American
Date of Birth 11-June-1993
Place of Birth Glen Rock, New Jersey, USA
Famous for Acting
Daniel Flaherty is an American actor, known for his role as Stanley Lucerne on the MTV television teen drama Skins. By the age of 17, Flaherty was already a veteran of the indie-arty short film scene, having acted in Spark, Vacant, The Parade, and Portnoy. He also makes music; Daniel writes songs, sings, and plays guitar in a local New Jersey band. Other hobbies include skateboarding and ultimate frisbee. His resume lists "fearless roller coaster rider" as one of his skills.

Daniel originally went to the New York open call but didn’t get a callback. His agent arranged a private audition and it seems like the individual attention was just what he needed to snag the role of Stanley. Daniel's favorite part of working on Skins is getting to contribute to the development of his character. Daniel started studying acting at age 11. When he turned 13, he booked his first short film, My First Kiss. In 2010, Flaherty was cast as Stanley Lucerne in the MTV adaptation of the British teen drama Skins. His character is based on the character Sid Jenkins from the original Skins UK show.

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