Conner Rayburn Bio - Biography

Name Conner Rayburn
Naionality American
Date of Birth 07-Apr-1999
Place of Birth America
Famous for
Conner Rayburn, a native of Nashville, Tennessee, has known he wanted to act for as long as he can remember. At only six years old, Rayburn is bursting with personality and skill and is a true natural at acting.

A year ago Conner's parents heard a radio commercial for John Robert Powers in Las Vegas. He soon began attending acting classes there and, within a few months, had filmed a commercial for Net Zero Internet Services.

Last summer Conner landed a role on the popular ABC primetime sitcom, According to Jim. Initially brought in as a recurring role as Jim's young son, the producers quickly cast him as a regular on the series. During his summer hiatis, Conner was featured in a supporting role in the feature Big Momma's House, as well as a guest star spot on the hit series Monk.

Conner's hobbies include bike riding, swimming, playing baseball and playing with his grandma's pet Chihuahua, Lucy. He lives with his parents, Gina and Brian, and his brother, nine-year-old Christopher, who takes acting classes as well.

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