Christy Chung Bio - Biography

Name Christy Chung
Height 5' 5
Naionality Canadain
Date of Birth 19 September 1970,
Place of Birth Montréal, Québec, Canada
Famous for
The Canadian-born actress since, has graced the screens of numerous Hong Kong films, gaining a considerable repoire from hundreds of thousands worldwide. She never expected to be part of the Miss Montreal Chinatown Pageant in 1992, Christy Chung (Chung Lai-Tai) never knew her wildest dreams she would win and begin a rise to stardom. Born and raised in Montreal in 1970, Christy's fame took off when she won the 1993 TVB Miss Chinese Intertnational Pagent after the Miss Montreal pagent. She didn't speak much Cantonese when she won her crown. However she taught herself to speak the language in order for her film career to develop. Christy has appeared in over 20 films, including three with Stephen Chow (Love on Delivery, Hail the Judge, and All's Wells Ends Well '97). She did a film with Jet Li in The Bodyguard From Beijing. Christy has sky rocketed herself to the top. One of her films in Hong Kong's is the fifth highest grossing domestic films. She is proud of her perfomance in Mermaid Got Married. Today, she is working on several films in Hong Kong. She continues to climb to the top to be one of the most compelling stars in the 21st Century.

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