Christopher Uckermann Bio - Biography

Name Christopher Uckermann
Height 5'10
Naionality Mexico
Date of Birth 21-Oct-1986
Place of Birth Mexican Wolf
Famous for
Christopher Uckermann was born to a Mexican father and a Swedish mother. He started his acting career when he was just 3 years old in TV commercials. Then, he was cast for his role in El Diario de Daniela the successful 1999 telenovela. He also starred in Amigos X Siempre in 2000 ironically as a rich preppy boy too. In 2001 he acted and wrote the theme song for the telenovela Aventuras en el tiempo (2001).

His most important role came in 2004 when he obtained a role in the telenovela Rebelde playing Diego Bustamante, a student in a prestigious prep school - the best in Mexico D.F. - "Elite Way School", with dreams of becoming a musician. The success of this production was such that it is still in production and the vocal group RBD spun-off from the television series.

He has recorded many albums with RBD selling millions of records as well as toured with the vocal group across Mexico, various South American countries (including Portuguese speaking Brazil), the United States, Spain and other Latin counties. Although the band started off completely in Spanish, their success has prompted them to produce albums in Portuguese and English.

The albums include Rebelde, Tour Generación RBD en Vivo, Rebelde (Edição Brasil), Nuestro Amor, Nosso Amor (Ediçao Brasil), Live in Hollywood and three Diamond Edition Albums, the next album will be an English version containing music from the Rebelde album and Nuestro Amor album. They also released their 3rd studio album called "Celestial" which ended the year 2006 in the first position in the Latin Billboard charts.

In 2005 he started his own company (with four of his best friends) of distribution of the Romanian-made cylindrical pendants, called "Ferbuss Fashion", which he and his friends wore in Rebelde.

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