Chiaki Kuriyama Bio - Biography

Name Chiaki Kuriyama
Height 5' 4
Naionality Japness
Date of Birth 10 October 1984,
Place of Birth Tsuchiura, Ibaraki, Japan
Famous for
Chiaki was one of most popular models of the mid-1990s child model boom in Japan. In 1997, she appeared in her break in the photobooks Sinwa-Shoujo (Girl of Myth) and Shoujokan (Girl's Residence), photographed by Kishin Shinoyama. Shinwa-Shoujo became a best-seller but, as it contained some nudity, was discontinued by the publisher in 1999 after the institution of new anti-child pornography laws. She also posed as a model for the child fashion magazines Nicola (1997-2001) and Puchi Lemon (1996-2001).

She first achieved widespread recognition as an actress in Japan for her starring roles in the horror films Shikoku (1999) and Ju-on (2000). Chiaki also appeared in the action film Battle Royale (2000) in the role of Takako Chigusa.

Following feature appearances on several notable Japanese television programs (including Rokubanme no Sayoko), Chiaki made her Hollywood debut in director Quentin Tarantino's 2003 film Kill Bill, Volume I as Gogo Yubari, the manriki-wielding schoolgirl yakuza bodyguard of Tokyo mob mistress O-Ren Ishii. Chiaki's lines in the film were all in Japanese (except for a single word, "bingo"), although she has stated that she is in the process of learning English and hopes to play more English-language roles in the future.[1]

Chiaki's other film appearances include major roles in the samurai drama Azumi 2: Death or Love and Takashi Miike's Yōkai Daisensō.

She is also said to be a Gantz fan and already made an appareance in the manga.

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