Charlie McDermott Bio - Biography

Name Charlie McDermott
Naionality American
Date of Birth 06-Apr-1990
Place of Birth America
Famous for
Charlie McDermott was born on April 6, 1990 in West Chester, Pennsylvania. At an early age Charlie began making films. Charlie covered all aspects of movie making, directing, editing, even scouting possible filming location by having his parents drive him around town. Once his camera rolled...he began developing his craft as an actor. In school many of his teachers would allow Charlie to submit a film on a given topic in place of his book report, religion or history project.

In 2003, Charlie landed his first movie part in the M. Night Shyamalan film "The Village" playing the role of "10 Year-Old Boy" who delivers the message to William Hurt that the creatures are in the village. Charlie attended the open casting call out of an interest to observe fellow Philadelphia area resident M. Night Shyamalan at work with a hope that he would somehow be chosen to be an extra in the movie. Little did Charlie dream that he would actually get to work with the director! With encouragement from M. Night and other actors on the set, Charlie began the pursuit of his acting career.
Over the next year Charlie would film a number of commercials and land a part in the New England Emmy Award Winning PBS television comedy series, "Windy Acres". It was during the filming of Windy Acres that the director Jay Craven mentioned to Charlie a film project he was developing titled, "Disappearances". With no real assurance that Charlie would even get an audition, he began immersing himself in the role of Disappearances' main character, "Wild Bill Bonhomme", a 14 year-old boy who lives on a farm and helps his father, Quebec Bill, (Played by Kris Kristofferson.), run whiskey across the border in 1932. For the next eight months, Charlie would put himself through an intensive physical training program, rising before school hours to swim and lift weights. In an effort to better understand the world in 1932, Charlie began chopping up firewood with an ax around his house, he worked on a farm and eliminated many of today's modern conveniences like television, video games and I-Pod from his daily life. Charlie even convinced his parents to blindfold and abandon him at night in the woods so that he could better explore the emotion of fear and terror.

After a series of auditions, (Click here to read an article about the casting of Wild Bill.) in New York, a screen test in Vermont and a final audition in L.A., the pool of 130 actors auditioning for “Wild Bill” was filtered down to one. With only 1-1/2 weeks before the start of production for “Disappearances”, Charlie was selected to play Wild Bill.

At age 16, Charlie moved to Los Angeles, CA to explore acting opportunities. The move seems to have paid off. Since arriving in LA, Charlie has booked numberous roles in film (Frozen River & Sex Drive) and television (The Office, Medium, Hallmark Films Generation Gap and Salf Harbor and the ABC Pilot Captain Cook's Extraordinary Atlas).

Critical praise for his role of T.J. in "Frozen River" has come from Variety, Roger Ebert, LA Weekly and to name a few. Charlie was listed on Roger Ebert's top ten 2008 child actor performances list. And in late 2008, Charlie received a nomination for an Independent's Film Spirit Award - Best Supporting Actor.

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