Chad Michael Bio - Biography

Name Chad Michael
Height 5'8
Naionality American
Date of Birth 24-Aug-1981
Place of Birth America
Famous for
Chad Michael is a young, independent writer-director based in Los Angeles, California. A graduate of USC Film School and a longtime devotee of the written arts, he is the winner of the prestigious Toastmasters/Bank of America Most Inspirational Speech of the Year award and is an honorary member of the International Society of Poets. As a child, he was awarded the much sought-after Christa MacAulliffe Award for Excellence in Writing by the state of California. He has taken to directing in the last four years as a means of bringing his narrative writing to the screen. A lover of biographies, bulldogs and bratwurst, his dream is to someday fund the creation of a center called Catcher in the Rye, a place devoted to the treatment and recovery of adolescents at risk of suicide.

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