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Name Brian Dattilo
Height 5'8
Naionality American
Date of Birth 29-July-1971
Place of Birth America
Famous for
Bryan, who uses his middle initial, R., to honour his late grandfather, Ronald Harbour, who himself always dreamed of a career on stage, was born in Kankakee, Illinois. He moved with his mother, Peggy, sister, Kristin, and brother, Brent, to Florida when he was only two years old. His mother worked as a newspaper reporter, and when Bryan was eight, the family moved to Los Angeles. They remained there until Bryan's 11th birthday, when the same company transferred his mother back to Florida. He later moved with his family to Beverly Hills, where he attended Beverly Hills High School.

When Bryan walked out on the playground of his Beverly Hills grade school for the very first time, all the kids wanted to know who his agent was. To Bryan's chagrin, his mom pointed out that only kids who were actors had agents. Within a few weeks, Bryan and his sister, Kristin, decided that if they were to fit in at school, they too, needed an agent.

Being the smallest kid in his class, with a face like an angel, framed by a blond bowl haircut, Bryan began acting classes and within a year had his very own Hollywood agent.

Shortly after signing with The Savage Agency, Bryan landed a recurring role on Not Necessarily The News. Commercials and other TV spots soon followed, and Bryan was well on his way to becoming an actor.

Bryan says that moving back to California was a good experience for him. Living in Beverly Hills and riding around town in the back of a limo provided a unique lifestyle. But he soon found out on his return to Florida that riding around in the back of his friend's pick-up truck with his buddies could be just as much fun.

The Dattilos remained in Florida for nearly three years, but returned once again to California when his mother decided to break loose from her career in journalism and start her own television and film company, Harbour Lights Entertainment. This provided an opportunity for Bryan to return to the acting world, and within a couple of weeks, he and his sister landed lead roles in the feature film The Adventures of Grizzly Adams.

It was during this time that Bryan first began watching Days of Our Lives, and dreaming of one day appearing as an actor on the show. Bryan spent eleven weeks in Utah filming a feature, and during his time off, he'd wander into his grandmother's hotel room while she was watching Days. Before he knew it, he too had become a fan. So when Bryan landed the part of Lucas Roberts on Days, he couldn't wait to phone his Gran and tell her the good news. It was a dream come true for Mary Harbour, who's only worry now is trying to figure out where to store all the tapes on which she records her grandson's daily performances.

Bryan first appeared on Days on April 4, 1993. He is known as a big practical joker on the Days set. He doesn't like props like fake hands or slime. He prefers to just play mind games on people.

Some of Bryan's other TV appearances include guest spots on such popular shows as Doogie Howser, M.D., In the Heat of the Night, Charles in Charge, Class of '96, and California Dreams. He also has a starring role in the 1993 feature film, Arcade.

Bryan graduated from Beverly Hills High School and attended Santa Monica College right up until the day he began taping his first Days episode. He majored in Psychology, hoping to become a psychologist, if a career in acting didn't pan out. Bryan feels that studying Psychology gives him an insight into people and what makes them tick. This, he says, helps him to understand what his character Lucas is all about.

Bryan says, "Lucas is a kid who thinks that the way to a person's heart is to tell them what they want to hear. He learned to look out for number one during his years away at military school, and now that he's in Salem, that's the only way he knows how to act. He's had to fend for himself most of his life, and he's angry at his mother for not being there for him while he was growing up. He's a kid with a good heart, but he has to learn to relate to people in the outside world."

Besides acting, Bryan's other passion is baseball. He played throughout high school and college, and would love to have been a pro. Landing the role on Days of Our Lives has been a double blessing for Bryan. The first week of taping, the show's executive producer Ken Corday, approached Bryan wanting to know if he played baseball. It turns out that Corday has a passion for the game, too, and Bryan signed up quickly to play on the Days softball team. "I'm the luckiest guy in the world. I'm doing the two things I love most in my life, acting on my favourite soap, and playing baseball!"

Bryan is single and lives in Los Angeles. His ‘roommates’ live in a six-foot salt water fish tank he keeps in the living room of his apartment. He also has a black Labrador named Vinnie, whom he takes to a dog sitter when he goes to work. At the doggy day camp, Vinnie enjoys playing with other dogs and relaxing while watching TV.
Bryan says he used to leave a note and his 8x10 black and white photo on the car windshields of girls he found attractive. It worked like a charm and got him many dates.

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