Brendon Eggertsen Bio - Biography

Name Brendon Eggertsen
Naionality Moldavian
Date of Birth 16-May-1996
Place of Birth Chisinau, Moldova
Famous for Acting
Brendon has always been a very physical kid, starting (and continuing) with Marshal Arts at age five, competitive gymnastics at six, rock climbing and “high ropes” at eight and break dancing lessons at nine. When he was 10, Brendon began to train as a movie stunt kid. All of these activities were on top of the usual kid’s pursuits of skateboarding, swimming, soccer and football.

Because everyone in the family said that he was “photogenic”, Brendon's mom Robin, put him in a modeling class with the Barbizon Modeling Agency when he turned 11. That lead to some paid commercial shoots in Michigan and some runway work for some clothing stores. The next logical step was to prepare for and attend the annual International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) competition in Los Angeles for a week during January, 2008.

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