Brandon Lee Bio - Biography

Name Brandon Lee
Height 6'
Naionality American
Date of Birth 1 February 1965
Place of Birth Oakland, California, USA
Famous for
He was born on February 1, 1965 to Bruce Lee (Martial Arts idol) and Linda Lee. Brother to Shannon Lee. In 1965 they moved to Hong Kong where Brandon became fluent in Cantonese by the age of 8. He attended Boston's Art-Oriented Emerson College in Massachusetts. He studied Martial Arts and drama, like his father. In 1983 he was expelled from school because of misbehavior, but received his diploma at Miraleste High school. He was in "Rapid Fire", "Showdown Little Tokyo", and a few more films, including "The Crow". He turned down offers to be in "Dragon: The Bruce Lee story". Bruce died (while filming) at the age of 32, of what is to be believed, a brain hemorrhage. Brandon died at the age of 28 on the set of "The Crow". The film crew shot a scene in which it was decided to use a gun without consent from the weapons coordinator. They handed Michael Massee the gun loaded with full power blanks and shot the scene. Even though the gun was pointed away from Lee, the force from the blank curved the bullet and it shattered his spinal cord. The crew only noticed when Lee was slow getting up. The doctors worked desperately for five hours, but it was no use. After his spinal cord was shattered, he had no chance of survival. He was pronounced dead at 1:04 pm the next day. He was supposed to marry Eliza Hutton on April 17. His body was flown to Seattle to be buried beside his father in Lake View Cemetery.

Born in Oakland, California, USA, Brandon Lee spent the first eight years of his life in Hong Kong. By the time he was able to walk, he was already involved in learning about martial arts from his father, martial arts expert and famed actor Bruce Lee. After Bruce Lee's untimely death, Brandon, his mother Linda (an American of Swedish heritage), and his sister Shannon moved to Los Angeles. He attended high school in Los Angeles, where he realized that he had also inherited acting ability along with his martial arts skills. He continued his education and interest in acting at Emerson College in Massachusetts, where he majored in theatre. Having chosen an acting career, Lee took his work seriously. He studied at the Strasberg Academy, with Eric Morris in New York and in Los Angeles, and in Lynette Katselas' class in Los Angeles. His first professional job as an actor came at age twenty, when casting director Lynn Stalmaster asked him to read for a CBS television film, "Kung Fu: The Movie." Lee's first role in a feature film was "Legacy of Rage" for D.M. Films of Hong Kong, followed by a co-starring role in "Showdown in Little Tokyo."

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