Bill Luckett Bio - Biography

Name Bill Luckett
Naionality American
Date of Birth 05-July-1985
Place of Birth America
Famous for
If my knives attract your interest, then you are probably an individual who knows what he likes. Yes, these knives are different, unusual, and even radical to some. But that is the reason they caught your eye. Some will not like these knives, but they are not designed for everyone, but for a special few.

If you decide to order a knife, don't expect just a knife. It will be more of an experience, something with feeling, beauty, something you must hold in your hand, something that must be displayed and shown with pride to those who will know the difference.

A point to think about here...each knife I make will be a little different. That is because I use no jigs, fixtures, or milling machines in the making of my knives. It is all done free hand. All operations are done while holding the part or the machine in my hands. So when you receive your knife it may not look exactly like the one in the images. I do not try to make any two knives exactly a like.

My primary steel for blades is Crucible CPM 154 stainless. I have tried many different steels over the past years and 154CM is now my first choice. I will use other steels as an extra cost option. CPM S30V and D2 can be made into excellent blades because of their exceptional wear resistance. But these steels are harder to work, require different heat treatment, and can only be had in satin finish. Also, I have access to Damascus for blade stock. I grind it to shape, it will not be forged to shape.

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