Bill Hicks Bio - Biography

Name Bill Hicks
Naionality American
Date of Birth 26-Feb-1994
Place of Birth Little Rock, Arkansas, U.S.
Famous for
Born in Georgia, but raised in Houston since the age of 7, this self-described "Prince of Darkness" was compelled to use the comedy stage as his philosophic soapbox. At 13, he would sneak out of his s... read moreuburban house to hustle his way onto open-mike night rosters. In two brief decades, Hicks worked his way up the sweat-stained comedy ladder to national exposure on The Late Show with David Letterman and an HBO cable special. Rolling Stone named him the "hot stand-up" of 1993. He was the hit of the 1990 and 1991 Just for Laughs comedy festivals in Montreal. Dead at 32, the enigmatic Hicks was admired, reviled and misunderstood. - The Montreal Gazette, March 28, 1994Bill Hicks was regarded as one of the greatest comedians that ever lived by those who saw him. Unfortunately is his home country of America he was virtually ignored. He made a much bigger splash in the UK and was scheduled to have his own television show on British TV when he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Comparisons were made with Sam Kinison and Lenny Bruce during his life, but neither are really true. He was more brains than Kinison and funner than Bruce. One of the greatest comedians who ever lived.