Bethany Hamilton Bio - Biography

Name Bethany Hamilton
Naionality American
Date of Birth February 9, 1990
Place of Birth American surfer
Famous for
Hamilton was born in North Shore, Kauai. Both of her parents were surfers who moved to Hawaii from the continental United States for the surfing opportunities. Hamilton was taught how to surf by her parents. Her surfing abilities progressed very quickly and, while still in school, she won first place in the "push and ride" division of a Quicksilver surfing contest. She entered her first major surfing competition at the age of 8, the "Rell Sunn" contest on the island of Oahu at Makaka beach, competing in the girls seven to nine shortboard, and seven to nine longboard, taking first place in both. Her senior career as a surfer started when she won the 1999 Haleiwa Menehune Championships 23rd annual contest. In February, 2000, she placed 1st in the "11-under girls", 1st in the "15-under girls," and 2nd in the "12-under girls" division at the Volcom Puffer Fish contest. She picked up a sponsor, Rip Curl, which aided her with her plans of becoming a professional surfer. Hamilton is also a devout Christian who uses her shark attack experience in her personal ministry.

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