Bailey Gambertoglio Bio - Biography

Name Bailey Gambertoglio
Height 4 ft 7 in
Naionality American
Date of Birth 23-February-2000
Place of Birth USA
Famous for Acting
Bailey Gambertoglio Bailey Lynn Gambertoglio was born Wednesday, February 23, 2000 and ever since she has been on a journey! From a young age, Bailey was always on the move and interacting with people and things. Never sitting still, not even for walks, she was always ready to explore life including visiting other tables when dining out at restaurants, feeding babies, interacting with other families and kids. As she grew, Bailey became more interested in acting. She would get salt and pepper shakers, make up lines then she would act out the scenes with them.

The youngest of 3, Bailey isn't a stranger to the acting world, both her sisters have done various projects throughout the years. At the age of 6, Bailey filmed the movie Yarn in which she met her good friend Kaylee Beth Dodson. Over the years Bailey has appeared in over 5 movies, a supporting role in the children's television program Barney and numerous commercials.

However, Bailey's talent doesn't just stop there. She also sings, dances and loves gymnastics. She can belt out a gorgeous rendition of Reflections or break into dance to Born to Entertain. Bailey can also give out a gorgeous British and Southern Accent. She is certainly one to watch out for!

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